Through The Slimy Places (​*​UNFINISHED​*​)

by Angry Glockenspiels

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an open studio album is under construction
recording began april 2013
sound objects will come and go on this page
in different guises
and consolidate by december 2015
which is when i plan to finish this record.
stochastic theory.
or shotgunning it, as they say.
this is a process that neverever ends
and it's a process that's meant to be shared,
so let's give a burnt toast to trial and error,
that selecting so predilected by human creatures
of signals among the noise.
...But the noise must come first.


released December 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Angry Glockenspiels Olympia, Washington

Angry Glockenspiels is the alias used for all of the solo music of Henri P.

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Track Name: Counting Riddles (instrumental))
AB XY 12
AB XY 12
ABCee me counting the 123
where does it go?
ABcee me sleeping, who's waking me?

don't beriddle yourself, they'll know

i'll lock the blanket over me
i'll hide within the ABCs
count to a thousand feet away

it's where the wall hits outside
where your life is waiting
under a tree, or swimming in the sea
asking "where's my body?"

it's just too heavy for me, it seems
Track Name: Leaves/Knives
I know still things stand in the way
but they're still chasing after you
slippery floor
run away

no life's ready to conquer this place
it's a wall

stuck to the slimy floor
the flowers catch up to me
and they show me their teeth...
Track Name: Time Hole
all is changing
the moon is shifting shape
there's a field made of clouds
it's a burden on your feet

that weighs you down
without a ground
i will hear your falling sound
when you're squinting at the lift

if there's emotion
don't panic
there is a notion of hate
so time is moving slower now

i created they who forgot
so i can't find that very spot
where they got lost (they were moving too fast)
where are the dice that rolled inside?
they're growing round and rounding wide
(and coming around again)

in this emotion
that panics
i'll try to motion it away
but first you'll feel a little sting as this envious time slows down

as time grows rounder
it feeds-back louder
when time glows sour
i count down the hours